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Kathie/Brandt just wanted you to know that I was using you guys for my students last week. Found a drawing on line of one of your conglomerations and gave it as a test, to see if the students could identify basic area of focus (using vocabulary attributed from a compositional you tube video I like). They had to identify what the focal point was in the drawing and explain what concepts were used to direct your eye to the focal point. You will be glad to know that out of all 3 drawing classes the students all got it right and were able to identify at least 3 compositional concepts used. that was 100 % out of all my classes. miss seeing you guys.

The focal point refers to the point at which the 'rays' of light meet. lenses change the focal point by bending light from the edges inwards. Affordable Assignment Help | EzAssignmentHelp good diagram to demonstrate can be found here:
This image should help you visualize what a focal point is. This is also why things appear out of focus, for something to be in focus (i.e. we see it as it is), the focal point needs to be on the pupils (our 'lens'), so when you are focusing a camera, you are just moving the lenses inside to refract light in a different way and change the point at which the light meets

They needed to distinguish what the point of convergence was in the illustration and clarify what ideas were utilized to guide your eye to the point of convergence. Buy essays online. You will be happy to realize that out of every one of the 3 drawing classes the understudies all hit the nail on the head and could distinguish no less than 3 composition ideas utilized. That was 100 % out of every one of my classes.

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